Typical siren noise in emergency vehicles often produce in-cab sound levels above the safe threshold of 80 dBa (windows closed).

Long term exposure to existing siren technology puts first responders at risk of hearing damage as well as impeding their ability to effectively communicate en-route to a call.

ZeroSound’s AntiSiren

ZeroSound’s proprietary noise cancellation algorithm paired with our AntiSiren technology suppress the siren sound pressure level in the vehicle cab by up to 98% (~18 dBa).

How do we do it?

  1. ZeroSound’s proprietary noise cancellation algorithm, optimized for siren suppression calculates the siren sound to produce maximum suppression in the cab, without compromising outward siren levels.
  2. The existing siren speaker location(s) are replaced with ZeroSound’s AntiSiren package (two speakers, back-to-back, mounted in the same location as existing siren).
  3. ZeroSound supplies the additional hardware and software that works with your existing siren system. From an end-user perspective, there is no change to how the siren system is operated other than the cab will now be quieter during siren operation.


  • ain & AntiSiren siren output: 123 dBa (minimum) at 1m distance (using OEM major supplier sirens).
  • In-Cab SPL (Peak) with siren operating: 70 no siren, 79 with siren (both idle and at 50 km/h)
  • In-Cab SPL (Peak) with AntiSiren ON:
  • SPL Reduction: up to 18 dB measured (98% reduction) equivalent to 70% perceived reduction to human ear.

Watch demo in action: