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Noise Cancelling Breakthrough Protects First Responders ZeroSound Develops Technology to Reduce Dangerous Siren Noise Exposure

(April 19th, 2022)

Building on its OEM agreement to supply one of North America’s largest manufacturers of fire trucks to protect first responders from dangerous noise, Calgary, Canada based ZeroSound has successfully targeted and can dramatically reduce hazardous siren noise inside the cab of emergency vehicles by 55% to 75%.

“Having already made key innovations in digital noise suppression over large urban and industrial areas, our team has made another significant breakthrough: a 55% to 75% reduction of siren noise inside the cab of emergency response vehicles. This is a dramatic step forward in protecting first responders from continuous exposure to dangerous noise produced by sirens without impacting the siren’s operations outside the cab” said Norm Bogner, President & Co-founder.

According to the World Health Organization , noise pollution is a growing global problem not only for first responders but for millions of people who encounter loud sounds in daily life. Elevated noise is known to cause hearing impairment, hypertension, annoyance, sleep disturbance, and heart disease. Traditional noise reduction materials include simple barriers or insulation that absorb and reflect sound waves with varying effectiveness over small areas while ZeroSound’s digital platform measures and physically cancels the soundwaves using patented hardware and software over targeted areas and broad urban and industrial zones.

“This development of ZeroSound’s AntiSiren™ is a major breakthrough and opens global opportunities in the fire, ambulance and law enforcement markets while building on the company’s capabilities to reduce urban noise pollution and providing the data to report on its effectiveness.”

ZeroSound is actively engaged in discussions with strategic partners and investors to bring these breakthroughs to commercialization on a global scale. For investment and partner enquiries contact partners@zerosound.com

About ZeroSound Systems Inc:

ZeroSound, the anti-noise company, is on a mission to rid the world of dangerous noise pollution produced by urban life and the industries that support it. Its patented hardware/software platform innovates Active Noise Control with proprietary algorithms, IoT, machine learning and data capture to create sound suppression zones over large areas. ZeroSound is a networked IoT sensor enabling noise data collection and analytics for SaaS- based ESG reporting for noise problems from construction and traffic to environmental, Bitcoin mining, industrial, and other urban sources both indoors and out. The technology, which can be both noise controlling and amplifying, is third-party validated by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), holds patents in the US and approval status in 153 PCT countries.

For more information on ZeroSound’s noise reduction technology, visit their website.

For media inquiries please contact: media@zerosound.com

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