A New Solution to an Old Problem

Utilities are challenged with the pervasive issue of noise pollution emanating from power substations. This incessant low-frequency hum constitutes not merely an environmental concern but also a substantial detriment to the quality of life within affected communities.

ZeroSound introduces digital noise reduction technology to address and alleviate transformer and power generation noise complaints. Our Suppression Mesh Network minimizes the acoustic footprint of power infrastructure, creating a more livable urban environment. Traditional, visually intrusive noise barriers that are often not feasible due to spatial constraints, cost, or hinder access to essential equipment, are a relic of the past.

This transformer noise is best heard with headphones on. It begins with suppression off, then on, and then off again

Hear The ZeroSound Difference*

Our technology is a leap forward for utility companies' innovative solutions and strategic ESG objectives

Aesthetic and Practical Efficiency

  • Suppression of transformer noise without unsightly physical barriers.
  • Elimination of construction needs for cumbersome, and expensive noise barriers.

Technical and Operational Advantages

  • Deployment without disrupting utility access or equipment performance.
  • Incorporation into existing utility infrastructure seamlessly.

Quantifiable Impact Analysis

  • Comprehensive reporting on noise suppression effectiveness.
  • Data-driven insights for continuous improvement and accountability.

A Track Record of Success

  • Successfully deployed across major utilities in Latin and North America.
  • A testament to ZS’s innovative prowess in urban noise suppression solutions.

Strategic Partnerships for a Quieter Future

  • Invitation to collaborate for a sustainable, peaceful urban environment.
  • An opportunity to lead in the utility industry with pioneering acoustic technology.

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